Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bristol topless ...

... is not as hot as these dames:


Take it from Murphy -- the man who's done it all.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Free stuff !

Free -- stuff?  Hey, y’r readin’ it!   Anyhow, if you want more Scully, or more Mailbag, or more wise Crackerbarrel ® musings, let alone more Murphy stories (which are already written and just pawing at the gate), hows about y’all buy some of these fi-i-ine products on display here, huh?  I mean, I’m fine with writing some things for free -- and old Scully, he never charged a dime in his life -- but a man’s gotta eat  -- and drink -- and fornicate; and pageviews won’t buy any of that that, nor wooden nickels neither.

OK, we get it:  you want more Free Stuff.
Here you go.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Death of One Tooth Scully

Now that was one sorrowful day.
Powerful sorrowful.  That he died; and the way he died.
Make you most want t’bust out crying, right there on the range.

(So how’d it happen?  ask the hoboes, with respect,
their faces softly lit by a dying fire.)

(But Murphy can’t hack it.)
No -- can’t tell it today.  Just too sad.
Just too … dang … sad ………………….

[In memoriam:  You can view a portrait of old One-Tooth here, wearing one of his many disguises.]