Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paleo Diet: the Murphy version

Most of you mugs probly heard about old Doc Massey’s revolutionary improvement on the Paleo Diet.  Me and Joey we been paleo from way back;  but now the Doc says it’s okay to add red wine to your haunch of venison:

So me, Murphy, retired now, got time on my hands to get into the act;  so here’s my new and improved version of Doc Massey’s fine diet.

(1) For the meat part -- AOK as it stands.
(2)  Red wine -- You may substitute Mickey’s Big Mouth.
(3)  Finish up your dining experience with some long deep drags on original paleo unfiltered Camels -- a richly unique blend of domestic and Turkish tobaccos !

Monday, December 26, 2011

You Can’t Tell a Man by his Mug

As a private eye, I dealt with some plug-uglies in my time;  heck, I’m not much to look at  myself.   But take it from Murphy -- you can’t tell a man by his mug.  Some of the smoothest operators have cheeks as smooth as a baby’s rump.
Take Michael Douglas -- good-looking guy -- but as Gordon Gecko, he played Satan.   And right now, there’s a fellow running for President, might almost be Gecko’s twin.  Handsome man, gorgeous wife, photogenic kids … and deadly poison for the working-man.  Dr Justice has got his number here.