Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Riemann Conspiracy: Fact or Fantasy?

Since my retirement, some of the boys down at the station-house have asked me if I ever had a case that was in any was involved with the so-called “Riemann Conspiracy”.

Nope; not.  Too deep for me.  Too rich for my blood.

‘Course, we all heard rumors, from time to time, vague hints generally met with evasion;  but the person who had last passed on whispers of the rumor  generally disappeared shortly thereafter, and that was the last you’d hear of it for quite a while.

Don’t even know if there ever was anything to it -- maybe the whole thing was a hoax.  Dr J seems to think otherwise:

But then, maybe he’s lying;  or maybe you need to take what he says with a grain of strychnine, and read between the lines …

Monday, July 2, 2012

Murphy monostich I

“Did I say dat? Did I say dat?   I didn’t say dat.  All I said was:  We’ve had some ups & downs.”

A Very Personal note from Murphy about his sexual orientation (X-clusively 4 U)

We happened across this in a Washington Post column today:
            “There’s much to love about this personal note from Anderson Cooper about his sexual orientation, but most of all I love his attitude  …”

What a nifty grift!  You just dish about your personal sex stuff in front of the whole world and, instead of everyone going Ewwww!  TMI!  you get applause and recognition.

So we asked our favorite two-fisted pre-Conciliar private detective, what-all gets him jazzed  in the down-there, inside-the-trou department.   “What,” we inquired in a deferential tone,  as the great shamus patiently  heard us out, “most sharpens your pencil?”  He was gracious enough to reply as follows.


Me?  I like dames.  Dames!  Blonde, brunette -- you name it.  Skinny ones, plump ones, the kind-you-just-gotta-jump ones.   Babes -- broads -- call ‘em what you like:  there ain’t nothin’ like a dame!