Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One thing, you gotta hand it to the Universe: It — Is— Big. Seriously big.
Bigger’n all get-out —
like, yea-ea-ea big …
You know the old song, “So high, you can’t get over it — So low, you can’t get under it — So wide, you can’t get around it.” Well that’s the universe, right down to the ground.
I read somewhere, where the universe, it’s already this big, but now it’s blowing up even bigger, like a balloon. I mean, what’s that about?
Anyhow, my theory is — we’re guests here — it’s like a campsite, sposta leave it nicer than you found it. So, bottom line: Don’t cuss; try not to do too much bad stuff; and for you married guys? — always leave the toilet seat down.

Bonus post from a copacetic dame:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Since first it was heard, that ringing dirge
has not ceased to pound in my brain.
So bring it to mind, and let it whine,
as you read this sad refrain.

[Here's Leadbelly's version: 
-- This one seems to have disappeared.   It had "black girl" instead of "my girl".
A middling version by some white guys: 

-- Actually, not meaning to diss the Stanley Brothers.  Here they have a fine version of "Roving Gambler", which is probably one of the inspirations of the wonderful rendition of "Man of Constant Sorrow" by the "Foggy Bottom Boys", in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?"


“O Murphy, O Murphy,  don’t you lie to me:
Tell me where   did you sleep  last night?”
I slept  at the bar, with my head  in my arms;
and now  -- I don’t feel quite   right…”

“O Murphy O Murphy, why’d you ‘borrow’ that car?
You know that that was not right.”
“Well I wanted a ride, so I strayed, in my pride,
and I drove it the livelong night.”

“O Murphy O Murphy, why you smoke so much?
You know it’ll mess with your bod.”
“The Lord made tobacco, for which we give thanks.
I smoke in praise of my God.”

“O Murphy O Murphy, you’re a sinner man,
Tell me why do you sin  so long?”
“The Lord made me free, and I ate from the Tree,
that I might know right from wrong.

“And since that day, I sin and I pray;
I know both pride and shame.
Mine each sweet sin is in praise of Him,
as I bless His holy name.”