Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One thing, you gotta hand it to the Universe: It — Is— Big. Seriously big.
Bigger’n all get-out —
like, yea-ea-ea big …
You know the old song, “So high, you can’t get over it — So low, you can’t get under it — So wide, you can’t get around it.” Well that’s the universe, right down to the ground.
I read somewhere, where the universe, it’s already this big, but now it’s blowing up even bigger, like a balloon. I mean, what’s that about?
Anyhow, my theory is — we’re guests here — it’s like a campsite, sposta leave it nicer than you found it. So, bottom line: Don’t cuss; try not to do too much bad stuff; and for you married guys? — always leave the toilet seat down.

Bonus post from a copacetic dame:

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