Sunday, January 2, 2011

Murphy on the Epistolary Arts

Hello folks, this is a Personal Communication from your favorite wise-cracking two-fisted shamus. Notice the Mailbag feature, running in the margin on the left (or, if you are logging in from a universe made of antimatter, on the right). Real people write in with their hopes… their dreams… occasionally enclosing cash (this is encouraged); and every single letter receives a prompt and courteous reply. Anyhow a reply.

You are encouraged to participate! If you can’t think of anything (positive) to say, just send the cash! And best of all -- there’s a Swell Contest going on, for the best Letter of the Month. If you win -- you’ll be the winner! The prize is the warm, gooey satisfaction you get when you can pat yourself on the back (an awkward gesture, but it can be done) for having given the mostest of your bestest. And in this economy, that’s about as good as it gets.

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